PRRPSS is In-Bound...

PRRPSS is a global system of gratitude

It enables ‘Heroes’ (users) worldwide to be thanked for the magic moments that they bring about in life

It may be that they are being thanked for completing the process of entering data into the system in order to report a task complete to their manager, moving their company closer to its mission

It may be between friends or strangers, to thank someone for a good deed, a good piece of information, or a good smile

PRRPSS will transform small businesses in all industries

and in doing so, it will transform countless lives for the better

Once people realise the value of such a data management system, they inevitably ask the question in an ‘ah-ha’ moment: “I get it! Can it do this?” (to which the answer is either ‘yes’, or ‘no, let’s make a request for that feature’)

It is our dream that not only will we bring about positive change in businesses of all sizes in all industries, but that we will also positively impact the lives of millions of individuals worldwide.

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What is PRRPSS?

At its basic level, it is a very simple web system of tables: for example a table of customers, or a table of orders

Then, there is a matrix / mesh to connect different entries in different tables, to bring insight into what those relationships mean (trends, forecasts, etc.)

The output is in the form of beautiful and mobile-friendly tables, profile pages and reports

Back-up & Data Storage services will be provided at an extra cost to the client, should they require it

Data security and compliance will always come first